Core Capabilities

The spirit of curiosity, new challenges in the marketplace and Avery Dennison’s position as a global leader in the materials science industry drive us to develop and expand our core capabilities while introducing new material innovations and solutions for the world’s manufacturers, converters and consumers.

Custom Manufacturing Services

Avery Dennison Medical has over 40 years of contract manufacturing experience with certified ISO 13485 quality systems and clean rooms. We offer a wide range of contract manufacturing services including precision coating, rapid prototyping, and limited converting capabilities. Our precision equipment and controlled systems are ideally positioned to manufacture medical-grade adhesive coated materials that will adhere to stringent specifications for markets across the globe.

Cut Vinyl Films

Our Opaque Cut Vinyl Films offer a range of signage capabilities. Both our Supercast and High Performance Films offer highly conformable and durable films for indoor and outdoor signage, with the braodest color pallette in the industry.

Digitally Printable Films

Avery Dennison sets the industry standard in vinyl graphic design and automotive wrap graphics worldwide. Our Digitally Printable Films portfolio includes Supercast Digital Color Graphics, featuring our MPI 1105 Opaque Series Film, the next generation of digital Supercast wrapping films for all vehicle graphics needs.

Intelligent Labels

Avery Dennison’s Intelligent Labels are a suite of IOT-enabling technologies that authenticate product history, provide tracking and inventory solutions and conjure richer consumer encounters. In a world of big data and massive amounts of information, Intelligent Labels help create certainty, showing how a connected world can be a better world, full of greater possibilities.

Intelligent Food Industry Solutions

Freshmarx® Intelligent Food Industry Solutions enable labor efficiency, food safety, sustainability and enhance the consumer experience. By harnessing the power of accurate, shared data throughout the food industry supply chain we created solutions that combine Freshmarx IoT Devices, Freshmarx Software Solutions and Freshmarx Stock and Custom Supplies.

Intelligent Logistics Solutions

Monarch® Intelligent Fulfillment Solutions enable accuracy, velocity, labor efficiency and sustainability by harnessing the power of accurate, shared data throughout the supply chain for a better consumer experience by creating solutions that combine IoT devices, applications, identifications solutions and services.

Intelligent Retail Solutions

Our Monarch® Intelligent Retail Solutions improve efficiency, increase margins, reduce waste and enhance the consumer experience throughout the global supply chain all the way to the store.


We use our microreplication expertise to create highly engineered optical films that channel light for optimal reflection, as well as optical films that maximize refractive light by sending it in the desired direction.

Noise & Vibration Management Tapes & Adhesives

Avery Dennison offers noise reduction and vibration damping tapes and adhesive solutions that can help engineers reduce levels of noise and vibration harshness (NVH) in their products. They are effective for a wide range of conditions, including low surface energy (LSE) substrates such as open cell foams and felts; high and low temperature environments; and exposure to chemicals, UV, and weather.

Precision Injection and Extrusion Molded Fastener Solutions

Our technologies are used in countless applications: from hand-held tagging attachers used in retail; to automated, precision fasteners used in packaging assembly. We’re a leader in materials science and commercialization. As such, we seek to continually expand the capabilities of our products and deliver new solutions to the world's manufacturers, brands and retailers.

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Materials

An Avery Dennison product launched the pressure-sensitive industry, and our products continue to pioneer packaging’s future. In virtually every segment, our products protect, inform, decorate and engage. They integrate the material with the digital. They enable efficiency. They are forward-looking and increasingly sustainable. Whatever your industry, application or design challenges you face, your next label—and labeling’s future—begins here.


Emerging Technologies

Our years of experience creating a broad spectrum of adhesives and continuous research and development allow us to innovate. These are a few highlights of our developing technological abilities.

Car Wrap Visualizer

Take the guesswork out of choosing a vehicle wrap. Our Wrap Visualizer Tool has over 120 different colors, with endless options to test our Supreme Wrapping Film and Conform Chrome Series products.

Freshmarx® Intelligent Food -
Freshmarx Central Labeling System

The Freshmarx Central System, part of the Freshmarx EcoSystem, of solutions enables a truly connected kitchen as a comprehensive back-of-house, Android OS data management and printing solution. Prepare and label food items, watch training videos, view recipes, monitor cooler temperatures and verify checklists.

Monarch® Intelligent Solutions
Avery Dennison Pathfinder® 6059

Powered by the Android OS, the Pathfinder 6059 mobile printer not only enables scanning, printing, and applying of labels, but also has an option for RFID encoding….all in one handheld device.

Names and Numbers Deal with the
Premier League

Avery Dennison is the new official supplier for names, numbers and sleeve badges for the Premier League. The agreement places emphasis on technology and sustainability and will see Avery Dennison use printing and robotics technology to increase efficiency and sustainability through reduced waste, using water-based inks and creating a “closed loop” configuration whereby plastics used in application of the product are collected and re-enter the supply chain.

Sustainable Labeling Solutions

More brands are moving toward sustainable packaging so that they can meet consumer demand, stay ahead of regulations and improve the environment, especially when it comes to single use packaging. The materials in our ClearIntent™ Portfolio make it easy to improve the environmental impact of packaging without sacrificing performance—and in many cases, without paying more.


Wiliot has invented semiconductors that power themselves wirelessly by harvesting ambient energy from cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth networks. In addition to making a strategic investment in the company, Avery Dennison’s Intelligent Labels are also sharing their manufacturing expertise to help Wiliot produce its technology at scale.


Creative Showcase

We continuously innovate in order to provide smarter solutions to the customers and industries we serve. Discover our latest creative global packaging trends and technologically advanced customer solutions.