Software Customization

Developing unique software applications to manage and support your business needs requires expertise.
Here at The SR Group, LLC we engineer custom software’s that can directly increase your productivity levels, maximizing revenue and minimizing loss.


Software Architectures can include:

  • Data Extraction – ELT & ETL, Loading, etc.
    • Data Capture and Reporting
  • Data Integration (Consolidation, Propagation, Federation)
    • Data Management and Reporting
  • Workflow Process Management (workflow forms; invoicing, data processing, online editing, etc.)
  • Customer Relations Management Systems (CRM’s)
  • Sales Service, Ticket Flow, and Inventory Management
  • Cellular Applications – Languages:
    • Objective-C, Xcode, Cocoa, API’s, etc. (iOS/Apple)
    • Java, C/C++, etc. (Android/Google)
  • Fully customized software integration and execution


Accurate engineering and designing into your software’s architecture is essential in total accuracy throughput and extended software success. The SR Group, LLC can leverage your sales department, client database or product managing software’s by creating software solutions that meet your unique operations.

Developing your proprietary software solutions for your organizations products or services is accomplished through personal and confidential consulting. With our web-based solutions we design with your remote needs in mind, providing you the increased ability to constantly manage and know your business metrics.


“Scientia Potentia Est”   Knowledge Is Power
 Thomas Hobbes 1651