Business Consulting

Not all entrepreneurs or small business owners can be the “expert” to their every need. Often one can find themselves trying to “do it all”. This is not a realistic approach to maximizing time, energy and focus. It is important to recognize when additional support or direction in your business can be utilized.

Additional support can provide better time-management, increase revenue and create insight to new and fresh ideas!

The SR Group, LLC understands small business often means small budgets! We work with you and within your budget to help you prioritize critical needs and strengthen your revenue stream.

There is no cost or obligation to receive an estimate for evaluation. We appreciate the privilege to connect with you.

We will work with you and create a specialized program to meet your business needs and budget.

*Private Consulting with Entrepreneurs – education/direction
*Business approach – planning/focus
*Establishing Vision vs Objectives
*Production output/throughput
*Marketing plans
*Organization streamline
*Productivity reports/operations
*Marketing dollars – analysis/revenue source
*Loss source – analysis
*Understanding vs Knowing the impact of short-term, “quick” decisions and your results, against long-term, “slow” decisions and your results
*Hiring – interviewing skills/guidelines
*Metrics for staffing issues, employees, contract workers and their value against loss
*Corrective systems/programs designed for retention, increased productivity, increased morale
*Market Studies/product viability
*Product pricing
*Logo/brand evaluation
*Education to Brand Marketing vs Brand Imaging
*Brand Building/Brand Marketing
*Custom software engineering, design and development
*Website engineering, design and development

"Scientia Potentia Est" - Knowledge Is Power
 Thomas Hobbes 1651

We seek select businesses for our ”Pay It Forward” forum.  Inquire with us today and see if you may
qualify for heavily discounted or even free services from The SR Group, LLC!  Learn more about our
“Pay It Forward” program by writing us through our contact page.